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Transformer Maintenance Services

Transformer maintenance services ensure optimal performance and safety of electrical transformers. Activities include visual inspection, oil analysis, dielectric testing, dissolved gas analysis, and monitoring of components like bushings and insulators, all conducted on-site to prevent disruptions in electrical systems and extend transformer lifespan.
Transformer inspection is a crucial preventive measure to ensure operational reliability. Skilled technicians assess the transformer's physical condition, checking for oil leaks, corrosion, and external damage. Oil analysis and dissolved gas analysis identify internal issues. Dielectric and insulation tests assess insulation strength. Regular inspections help detect problems early, prevent breakdowns, and maintain safe and efficient transformer performance in electrical systems.
Transformer repair and rewinding are essential services to restore malfunctioning transformers. Repair involves identifying and fixing faults in components like windings, insulation, and cooling systems. In rewinding, damaged or worn-out coil windings are replaced to ensure proper functioning. These services extend transformer life and maintain reliable energy transfer. Skilled technicians perform these tasks with precision to minimize downtime and ensure efficient electrical operations.
Equipment disconnection and removal is a meticulous process involving skilled technicians. They safely disconnect electrical equipment, ensuring minimal disruption to operations. Careful handling prevents damage to components and surrounding infrastructure. Once disconnected, equipment is systematically removed, adhering to safety protocols. This process is essential for upgrades, replacements, or maintenance activities, enabling smooth transitions without compromising operational continuity.
Transformer oil analysis is a diagnostic technique used to assess the condition of insulating oil in transformers. It involves testing the oil for various parameters such as dissolved gases, acidity, moisture content, and dielectric strength. By analyzing these factors, technicians can identify potential problems, assess insulation quality, and make informed decisions about maintenance or repairs, ultimately ensuring the reliable performance and longevity of the transformer.
Transformer electrical testing assesses the performance and safety of transformers. It includes insulation resistance tests, winding resistance tests, turns ratio tests, and vector group tests to ensure proper electrical connections and component integrity. These tests help identify potential faults, insulation degradation, or issues in transformer operation. Skilled technicians conduct these tests to guarantee reliable transformer performance and maintain the integrity of electrical systems.
Transformer quality checks and analysis are vital processes in ensuring the effectiveness. They involve rigorous testing, evaluation, and validation of model performance, assessing factors such as accuracy, generalization, bias mitigation, and robustness. Through comprehensive quality checks, we can identify and rectify issues, making transformers more reliable.

Operative Equipments at DTESU

European Make Overhead Crane 5-10 Ton Capacity

3-Nos Of Ovens Capacity of 20-25 Transformer At Same Time

Winding Machines "7-Nos HT"
"5-Nos LT"

Well Organized Testing System

Electrical Test

Oil Test

PWF Well Organized Transformer Repair Work Flow

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DTESU is equipped with diverse Technical Departments, encompassing various shops and sections. This multifaceted infrastructure allows us to provide a wide range of specialized services, promoting innovation and expertise across the organization to meet evolving industry demands.

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